Sangdhok Palree Project
Kunsang Choling Nunnery

An appeal by founder


An appeal to the liberal and charitable people of the world
Sangdhok palree projects.


With much effort in the past few years, kunsang choling nunnery has succeeded to manage a piece of land and succeeded a build residence to nunnery. That is not enough to nunnery we strongly need praying hall and retreat center other stupas and praying wheels as well. The project construction is 30% done. So now decision have been made to appeal all the well wisher, gentleman and ladies to support this project with whatever contribution you like to make. The charity from the generous body will be count. Even a little contribution from the individuals credited towards the project will be as a drop of water that makes the mighty ocean. Therefore supporting organization as well as the Nobel beings abroad are requested please shower your kind support, which is desperately in need, to grow up this small institute. We expect your generous consideration for these little projects.


Dear kind friends, to flourish peace and harmony in the world; let us practice the main root of it.

The actions that benefit others as it is said from the text of “37” practices of all Buddha’s sons”


All of our sufferings, without an exception
Derive from the wish to please but ourselves
While the thoughts and actions that benefit others.
Conceive and give birth to Buddha hood.
Thus in exchange for our selfish desires
And shameful neglect of our suffering kin,
Replace thoughts of self with concern for all others
The sons of Buddha all practice this way.

Nuns will perform you gift prayers for your forward charity fund. It means to your remove all obstacles and bring happiness and long life everything turn in to positive and body and mind peace.

An appeal by founder