Sangdhok Palree Project
Kunsang Choling Nunnery


1. Significance of Puja

First of all, it is very important that theaspiration of prayers and sponsors should be full of holiness and trustworthy to religion. If the offertory are donated from the bottom of soul with the belief on religion, all prayers and sponsors can attainentirely blessings by the God. The worship of Tri-Ratna spreads peace and prosperity to the world and the obstacles of the people would be omitted and lead them to the path of religion in order to help others.

2. How the Puja performed?

Firstly, the information of small Puja and big Puja that are performed in our Monastery will be informed to prayers and sponsors.

The prayers and sponsors should be clear about the necessity and reasons of the Puja to be done. On the basis of the importance of Puja, how much the amount should be paid are notified to them.

For the procedure of Puja, the prayers and sponsors should clearly notifythe amount for the Puja donations of the requisitetime of Puja as shorter/longer or how many days/ months and for whom such as family or relatives the Puja are going to be conducted. The name and ethnicity group should be clearly mentioned as well. If the ethnicity cannot be mentioned then only name and address can be stated. After receiving the self-interest donation and all required information, the Puja will be started as soon as possible by us. The completion of Puja will be informed to the sponsors via email.

3. What are the types of Puja that can be performed?

Chaksum ,Tashi gyetpa (In Tibetan)

For the wedding and prosperous life of newly married couple.

Bumchung (In Tibetan)

For removing the future obstacles and longevity of the newly born babies.

Tashi Gyetpa and Tashi Tsekpa (In Tibetan)

For the success of newly started business.

Sampa lhundrup, Dolma, Solkha (In Tibetan)

For searching the new good jobs.

Dolma, Dusum Sangye , Tsesung, Mensung (In Tibetan)

For the speedy recovery of the patients in the hospital.

Yikgya, Wodchok, Mani, Dechen Shingkod Monlam (In Tibetan)

For making the dead souls to rest in peace.

Shernying Duddhok, Gyashi (In Tibetan)

For the protection of family and relatives from dead souls effect.

Khachu Nakpo,Dhokpa, Dusum Sanggye (In Tibetan)

For the victory of all cases running in the court.

Barched Lamsel, Dhokpa, Solkha (In Tibetan)

For the successful accomplishment of long distance journeys.

Lhamo logyon ma (In Tibetan)

Free all kind of diseases.

Palchen Furpa, Senkdong Ma Dukker (In Tibetan)

Free from negative subjects and suffering.

Tsepak Med (In Tibetan)

For long life.

Zambala and lhamo Norgyun Ma (In Tibetan)

For the prosperity wealth developing purpose.

We can perform the puja that you wanted to perform which may be any kind of your request.

4. Advantages of Puja

The complete returns of the Puja depends on the praying and trust to the religion of the sponsors. It may be achieved firstly or lastly. If the sponsors have the pure trust from their inner souls then that trust may lead their prayers for achieving rapid returns.

5. Who complete the Puja?

The nuns living inside the monastery do Puja. If the Puja is very important and it is for the big achievement, then Khenpo or Older Lama with the help of nuns will complete that Puja.

6. Can sponsor stay inside monastery while conducting Puja?

Sponsors can stay in the monastery while conducting Puja but the exact date and time of Puja to be done should be initially informed us via email.

7. How to achieve spiritual satisfaction?

As all we know that there are different ways of pursuing spiritual satisfaction but in Buddhism the beliefs on the Tri-Ratna is very important while conducting puja and prayers. Any help from deep inside of the heart of the sponsors can achieve revenues to them, their family and relatives. Some of the helping activities may be donating to penniless people, protecting the animals, lightening the lamps, financial support on establishing the statues of God in the monastery, constructing the religious places, drawing the pictures of God etc.

God Buddha stated that the activities done for achieving spiritual satisfaction lead us to receive prosperous life now and then after rebirth. All wishes will be fulfilled, obstacles and ailment will be omitted from the life andit will be full of vigorous and affluent.

8. Can I donate money?

Sponsors can donate money as their own wishes. For example, $5, $10, $100 can be donate. Donation can be made on our big projects. For this, sponsors have to choose project as full project, half project, and quarter project. Sponsors are humbly requested to inform us separate money for donation on project and puja via email. The details of our projects can be acquired by emailing us. The email address is mentioned in our website.

9. Can I join the puja?

If you want to participate in puja so you have to let us know at first and we will tell you what the time is better. Daily Puja are performed at 6 am to 8 am every morning, and at evening 5 pm to 7 pm.  Special puja are performed from 6 am to 8 pm for the full day in the nunnery as the petitions are come from the prayers.

Puja & Prayer