Sangdhok Palree Project
Kunsang Choling Nunnery

Rinpoche Resident

Rinpochhe residence is the significant dwelling in the monastery. It is used to host the Rinpoche and other Dharma Gurus during the great events in the monastery and programs that are arranged to empower the nuns. Rinpochhe residences are tranquil and unruffled so that any evil force from outside cannot crawl inside. The Sangdhok Palree monastery is looking forward to construct this cottage if we find some charitable hands interested to support our dream project in the future.

We have figured out the cost and included the cost details below. Please, have a look. We will be really thankful for our supporters and make gift prayers for your long life and well beings. For this, you can select the puja from the request list and write us. We assure you, we perform this for your peace and progress. Each penny is counted and we appreciate it.

Rinpoche Resident

Estimate cost and information of Protect

DescriptionArea (m.sq)RateCost (US$)
Ground floor 74.37 520.55 38713.20
First floor 74.37 520.55 38713.20
Roof top floor 9.00 520.55 4684.94
Total Project Cost 82111.34