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About the Founder

The place where Ven. Lama Gondup was born is a place of legend. It was in Mugu, a district in Nepal that borders Tibet, where the legendary Lama Choeje Rinpoche and his disciples took up residence.

Lama, whose family was very poor, lost both of his parents and his older brother at a young age. Orphaned and without guardians he and his little brother left their place of birth behind. They walked over hills and through valleys, over hazardous paths facing the most difficult weather conditions.

One day in Kathmandu, Lama had the opportunity to hear H. H. Dudjom Rinpoche’s precious teachings. From him he received many empowerments, oral transmissions and commentaries of the sacred texts. From that moment Lama was captivated by Dharma. He went on pilgrimage to India and undertook the difficult journey to Rewalsar, to worship at the holy sites. Rewalsar is the holy place where Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava, also named the Second Buddha, performed miracles, and from where he went on to spread Buddhism in Tibet.

This is where Lama Gondup decided to become a monk and to devote his life to the most praiseworthy activities. H. E. Tenzin Gyaltsen happened to visit the place, and gave teachings to many devotees. Lama also took advantage of the rare opportunity to hear these essential teachings. H .E. then revered as Lama’s root spiritual teacher, transmitted many essential instructions to him.

Lama then decided to withdraw into the hills in search of a solitary place to practise what he had learned. After he had spent around 20 years in meditation, he arose from his secluded life and accepted two boys into his care to prepare them for becoming monks.

When H. H. the Dalai Lama visited Manali for teachings, Lama became aware of the pitiful situation and of the deprived lives in poverty of many of his contemporaries. In Mugu particularly, illiteracy was a huge problem, which awoke Lama’s sense of compassion and the need to help. He took on the responsibility to establish a school in Manali, specifically for the children from Mugu. The primary school became very successful and is still operating well, also thanks to the help of kind benefactors. Lama’s vision by now has also established a larger educational centre under the name of Kailash Bodhi Secondary School, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

About the Founder