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Buddha Shakyamuni Prayers Benefits

Shakyamuni Buddha Puja is a foundation of fine assortments, a ceremony of reverence, worship to the teacher, the King of Sages, detecting his prior lives. Buddha Shakya Muni prayers help to reduce the inner and outer sufferings of the sentient. It is helpful to get merits and dedication to your family and friends. This prayer contributes us to live the future life preciously. It creates abundant devotion in the Buddha and gather the merits by memorizing the sacred things he has done. Confessing the negative karmas is a precious way of gaining merit and spreading the Buddha teaching.

Please, select any kind of prayer you prefer, and mention which situation are you looking forward. We make the best Puja performances according to your interest. We also accept your requests, smaller or bigger (either a dollar or more) for all the moments and situations.

Puja & Prayer