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Dzambala Puja Benefits

Dzambala Puja is beneficial to increase the wealth, initiating the new walks of life, developing wonders and tranquility both outwardly and inwardly. Dzambala, highest of 8 levels Bodhisattvas, was a follower of the Buddha and when he saved Buddha from being hurt, Buddha decanted nectar onto Dzambala‘s head remedial him in the progression. He was blessed by Buddha and asked him to improve people’s scarcity. This Puja contains milk offering to Dzambala, and whoever pour milk on his head will be granted good fortune. Dzambala Puja is the practice of generosity. Through the prayers made to Dzambhala, we can get success to uplift our degrading financial situation. The goddess of the wealth, Dzambala offers the merits to overcome the poverty and starvation to all the sentient beings.

Please, select any kind of prayer you prefer, and mention which situation are you looking forward. We make the best Puja performances according to your interest. We also accept your requests, smaller or bigger (either a dollar or more) for all the moments and situations.

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