Sangdhok Palree Project
Kunsang Choling Nunnery

Kunsang Choeling at Present

Lama Gondup resided with some nuns at the beginning in Rewalser, India. In 1993, they shifted to a hired apartment in Kathmandu, Nepal, which is situated near to Boudha, the north of Kathmandu City. Then, a large number of poor females from different parts of Nepal along from India came by the will to become a nun. Lama could select only few due to the lack of residing places. As the Nunnery established, more than forty-five nuns are staying here up to now and the number is increasing.

We express our hearty gratitude to those cordial supporters, whose continual benefactors have contributed to our existence as an institution. Due to them, we have been successful to provide food, drinks and the required things to the nuns. More girls are in the process of joining in nuns in the nunnery, but the resources should be increased before that.

For the educational support, Lama emphasized nuns to promote their capability along with their own spiritual life. It is highly rewarding for them to head on the way of human welfare and spreading the message of peace, who taught in different parts of the world for the harmony and prosperity of the sentient beings. The nunnery has been practicing to develop the humanitarian feelings and self-reliant education constructively. In the beginning, they learn the basic skills in grammar, Tibetan letters and scriptures, reading and writing.

Teaching English in the nunnery builds nuns’ competence in the modern world, where English has been established as a global means of communication. For more educational prosperity, they get classes of the philosophical studies and the arts of performing rituals. It supports nuns for their individual support.

The religious practices in the nunnery are mainly of the new treasure revelation of Dudhjom (Dudhjom Tersar) descended through the late supreme head of the Nyingmpa Tibetan Buddhism-H. H. the Dudhjom Rinpochhe.

Kunsang Choeling at Present