Sangdhok Palree Project
Kunsang Choling Nunnery

Mandala Art

The Sanskrit word Mandala means circle, which is a holy art in the Tibetan Buddhism. It is popular in Buddha teaching that the scholars admire it with a complete reverence considering supernatural prowess of the Lamaistic divinity. For them, they symbolize the sacred aspects related to the essence of the universe. Mandalas are also seen in the geometric figures.

Thangka in a religious culture bears spiritual importance. It signifies the essence of the reality. In Buddhism, the monks and nuns take part in Buddha’s lessons by making a Mandala. As Buddhism spread in Tibet, various Mandalas are taught addressing its effectiveness and implication. People also take Thangka Mandala as an object of decoration, but it is a centre object in religious practices. It is kept in the prayer room consecrates with holy mantra.

Kunsang choling nuns are precticeing mandala art daily life for nunnery development. It is good way to buy the mandala wich is painted by nuns.   It will help nuns and monestry. Nuns can painted different size and unique for decoration and gift items. We wetting your attention to buy one of those mandala and paintings.

The thanka price start by 50. 100. 200.300. usd. Also we exept what is your offers.  

Mandala Art