Sangdhok Palree Project
Kunsang Choling Nunnery

Sangdhok Palree Temple

A project of Sangdo Palri Temple was started in 2009 in the premises of Kunsang Choling Nunnery. The temple was started with a very small fund. Sangdo palri is a very sacred space, and a symbol of peace and compassion. It is the environment or “pure realm” of Guru Padmasambhava.

With the very fund we’ve managed to build the half part of the temple. By this date, 60% of the temple has been completed whereas 40% of the temple is yet to finish. The financial insecurity is a great hindrance to the completion of the project. So, we would need your help to complete the unfinished Sangdo Palri temple project. With your generous support, we hope the temple will be completed soon.

It is said that only in selfless giving, and by being generous, that we are able to free our minds.

Thank you for your interest in the Sangdo Palri Temple project, and in addition we also have a project on building small retreat centers for short to medium length retreats. You can also donate for one room based project. It will also serve as a center to teach and practice the techniques of meditation for the purpose of spiritual development. So, please help us with your donations to build the Sangdo palri Temple and Meditation Centre. Let us share the wonderful and rare gift of Dharma, learn it, understand it and live accordingly. May you all have the blessing by Guru Padmasambhava.

Each donation will be personally acknowledged and announced to the community during pujas, with prayers performed for the benefactor.

Sangdhok Palree Temple

Nunnery Praying Hall

Sangdhok Palree, the magnificent copper coloured mountain is the tranquil heaven and a sacred land of guru Rinpoche, the second Buddha and the great Tantric master, who conveyed Buddhism to Tibet. He fought with the demons and evils, got victory over them and established Buddhism in the holy land of Tibet. The Nunnery praying hall is the resemblance of the Sangdhok Palree and the place to follow the serene path of Guru Padmasambhava.

The outer Sangdhok Palree is a grand place of power, intelligence and sanction. One can get the knowledge and blessings to move promptly on way of enlightenment. It helps to get a new birth with the virtuous qualities and to obtain prosperity. The palace in Sangdhok Palree is a precious decoration of eight-sided jewel and a thousand- petaled lotus, which is constructed with the four entrance gates, four arches and eight pillars. The walls made of precious substances exist in the four directions. In the east, it is made of crystal, Ruby on the west, Lapis Lazuli in the south and Sapphire in the north. It includes the three levels: the Buddha Amitaba (Dharmakaya) on the top, the four armed Avalokiteshvara (Sambhogayaka) in the middle and Guru Rinpoche (Nirmanakaya) in the bottom level.