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Three Years Retreat Project

Three years retreat is a significant practice for the nuns after finishing their primary academic studies or after finishing six years academic Shedra curriculum. It helps them to practice the meditation practices, making tranquil mind and body, produce effective speech and improving various practices as chanting and a projection of residing making that are useful for the everyday practices in the monastery.

The nuns spend three years retreat practices with strict regulations. During this time, they are not allowed to meet with anybody outsiders and talk with them. It contributes to concentrate them on the Dharma practices and to get rid of the worldly events. Nuns have to follow the rigid rules during the retreat course. They are prohibited to cut their hair, cook food by themselves and follow the regular procedures that are mentioned in the text manual.

Three years retreat is divided into different segments that allow practitioners to maintain their relationships with family members and the future careers. The very practices give them guidance to follow the footprint of Buddha by improving an extraordinary meditating power, making the mind peaceful and solid. After accomplishing the retreat, the nuns can guide other comers to guide them and flourish the Buddha Dharma and practices.


Help for three year retreat centre project

Three years retreat is the best way to practice the Dharma, continuously for three years without worldly disturbances. This is a remarkable situation to dedicate the outer and inner energy to the peaceful Buddhist philosophy. Kunsang Choling Nunney offers this three year retreat course after a long journey to the philosophical ideas of Buddhism. We need enough space for the Nuns for this course, so we request you all the generous hearts to support our project with your possible contribution. Either a smaller or a bigger support, it helps us to build our dream project. Please, let us know how do you want to support the Dharma centre.

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Three Years Retreat Project

Estimate cost and information of Protect

DescriptionArea (m.sq)Cost (US$)
Ground floor 220.72 66797.59
First floor 133.92 39106.80
Roof top floor 10.89 34109.40
Total Cost 109257.91